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How I Work

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With Organiztions

With Individuals

Current Clients: Gianna Burright, Hannah Millar, Leah Zeiger

“Working with Emily is a true gift. Since we began working together I have grown more confident in the administrative side of being a dance artist and more clear on my mission. This is largely to do with Emily’s innate ability to listen and reframe my thoughts, images and ideas into writing and language that reflects the work I am doing. She makes me want to dig deeper into my “why” and the process of doing so positively impacts the work I create in the studio. I always look forward to my meetings with Emily and know that I will walk away with actionable items that make my journey as an artist less isolated, scary and daunting. Emily is someone who loves and supports her people and that is felt through her communication, time, energy, kindness, honesty, thoughtfulness, attentiveness, thoroughness and pure passion to elevate the dance industry.”

- Gianna Burright

“I knew I always wanted to create a dance company but I had little guidance and knowledge on how to do it efficiently. When I began meeting with Emily bi-weekly, she changed the trajectory of my company. She helped me build a clear budget, helped research grants that fit the company, connected me with people in the industry, presented me with opportunities for my work, clarified my intention and purpose of the company and helped me start the non-profit process. Emily supported me in a way that I could not find anywhere else. Her knowledge, passion and direction is invaluable.”

- Hannah Millar

"I first met Emily Wanserski through JumpStartLA, and was instantly impressed by her vast knowledge of the Los Angeles dance landscape, as well as her long standing experience with virtually every facet of the performing arts ecosystem. As a direct result of Emily's consulting, my recent evening length show sold out three nights, netted double the profit anticipated, and received a strong review from LA Dance Chronicle. Emily has also provided me with crucial consulting as I start my own nonprofit, and her deep wisdom, vast network of connections, and imaginative creativity has been nothing short of life-changing. Honestly, she should be charging triple for her services. I consider myself honored and lucky to work with her, and truly would not be where I am in my life and career without her. I recommend Emily to practically every creative person I meet. Everyone should be so lucky as to have an Emily in their corner!"

- Leah Zeiger

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